Volunteers wanted to crew on a Mission of Mercy

Vega needs the volunteers that give there time and energy to help us sail our missions of mercy. But this is a challenge that is not for everyone. These are long terms of at least one month to 6 weeks minimum due to the places we go and the lack of transportation to or from those places. You need to be in good physical condition, not too afraid of heights (monkeys fit perfectly), good with your hands, a bit of a Mr./Miss fixit, a quick learner with a good memory for how things are done, it really does help if you already have experience on the water and / or with sail, knowledge of wood or mechanic skills are always useful. This is very much a hands on, experience based, set of skills you will be learning so you will need to be responsible in all conditions ( your ship mates are trusting their lives to you), self motivating (don’t wait fix it now), get along well with others for long periods in confined spaces, and have a cheerful outlook on life. Our work ranges from scraping and painting to cooking or sitting night watches in the rain. Somewhere in between we do manage to have a lot of fun sailing, meet and help some very friendly people, and visit places most are not even aware exist. In return you will learn to hand, reef, and steer as well as splice, whip, serve, wash dishes, and point. There is a bunch of other sailorly stuff that also comes along like the real meaning of “har har har” and the joys of taking in raffees when the wind picks up. You will need to find your own way to and from the boat and be prepared to cover your part of the shared expenses. If you still think this is an interesting idea then either quickly have your head examined or proceed to get in touch with us using the form on this link


25 Responses to Volunteers wanted to crew on a Mission of Mercy

  1. Heather Baker says:

    My boyfriend, Patrick and I would love to volunteer on your boat. I personally haven’t had much experience sailing but Patrick has sailed a tall ship for a few weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would be eager to learn and we both have a positive outlook on life and would enjoy learning new skills and meeting new people. We both study at Edinburgh University in Anthropology and International Development and Patrick studies Physics. We would be available over the summer to join you if this is possible for June and July.

    Thank-you for your time
    Heather Baker

  2. Valentino says:

    My name is Valentino, I Would like to be part of the crew with my fiend Thomas at march 2012. We have a good experience in sailing in Adriatic sea with various kind of sailing boat, we speak quite good English and we are very motivated. Where do you think you will be in that period? If you decide that we are ok to be part of the crew, how long we can stay aboard?
    Best regards
    Valentino Ippoliti

  3. Christopher Molteno says:

    I am a young South African who would very much like to volunteer aboard Vega. I have many years sailing experience (including a few weeks work experience aboard a similar old sailing boat) and my STCW95 certificate. I am very good with my hands (in a few years I will be the 4th engineer in my immediate family), not at all afraid of heights, fit, healthy and extremely enthusiastic. Please let me know if it would be at all possible to work aboard. I would also be very open to working at one of the charity programs you are in touch with, if you could give me their details.

    Yours sincerely

    Chris Molteno

  4. Matt Lonsdale says:

    I am a young university student from Canada looking for another tallship adventure. I have saild on tallships for the last two years off the coast of Vancouver Island. I also have addition experience sailing on my family sailboat. I am good with my hands and am alright with wood working also know how to weld. I hope I get to have a chance with sail with you.

    Yours truely,
    Matt Lonsdale

  5. Scott Davis says:

    Hi Shane,

    Scott Davis here. We met at last year’s Raja Muda. I’m still floating around in SE Asia and wondering what your itinerary is/whether you are still looking for crew?

    Hope everything is going well with the mission 🙂


  6. Charlie Greenlee says:

    My name is Charlie and I would love to be a part of the crew starting in July. I grew up around mainly motor boats and am comfortable on the seas, but do not have much experience with sailing, though I am eager to learn and am a quick learner. I studied International Relations with a focus in Development and am presently working at an elementary school in Sumatra, but would love to volunteer my time and effort with the boat after this academic year comes to an end. I hope I get the opportunity to sail with you guys and look forward to your reply.
    Charlie Greenlee

    • sailvega says:

      Hi Charlie sounds like you might fit right in. The only problem is that from late June through to mid September we are at sea away from any place you could join us… or leave the boat. For that long stretch you will need to have sailed with us during the Northern winter when we are in Malaysia and Thailand. That way we are all sure you fit and you know if you do also. Could be not very funny to be stuck for months in something you do not at all enjoy. Let me know if you would like to try that later this year then be available for next years long sails.

      • Charlie Greenlee says:

        Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. That’s too bad with the timing, but I do appreciate the concern. I would still be glad to be a deckhand if you guys find yourselves short. Otherwise, I’d love to try and join the crew after your return in September if it works and you guys are still on the seas.
        I would love to help out even if it’s not on the boat. I’ve been trying to contact some publishing companies and other libraries for second hand books and graded readers for the schools out there. I was also curious to know what kind of medical supplies you are looking for? Are you looking more for antibiotics, bandages and over the counter drugs or is there a place for items such as x-ray film? Please let me know if there is anyway I could help out with gathering supplies.
        If all works out, I should still be in either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur possibly around the end of June as my contract here will be coming to an end.
        All my best,

  7. Hi,
    I would like to be a volunteer on next year,
    how long do i need to in the boat,have year?
    how many times will you stop in singapore a year?
    I am malaysian,from KUALA LUMPUR.
    And may i know your contact email,two years ago i am apply to be an volunteer,
    but i dint receive your reply after few conversation.
    Please contact me if you need any volunteer on the ground or boat.


  8. Ben says:


    I have been looking into some long term opportunities to build sea miles and at the same time take a break from life. I have agree’d to have six months off in the latter half of next year.

    I currently hold;
    RYA Competent Crew
    RYA Day Skipper Theory
    RYA Day Skipper Practical
    RYA VFH Radio Operators Certificate.

    I hope to have my RYA Coastal prior to leaving for six months. I have experience sailing both Yachts and Square Rigged Tall Ships. If you could please contact me with further details on how I can help that would be great.

    Kind Regards,

  9. Michele st. Pierre says:

    I would very much like to join your crew, perhaps coming aboard in Singapore. I am American and currently in Hawaii. I have extensive ocean sailing and racing experience, extensive marketing experience and some medical assistant experience. I am familiar with being at sea, have an excellent sense of humor and am generally fun to have around.
    Please contact me for any further information you require.


    Michele St. Pierre

  10. Oskars says:

    Hi! I am enthusiastic 22 years old traveler from Latvia. I would love to enjoy Your crew and help as much as I can ! As You would be my first working experience on board I would be a very grateful for all that You can teach me.

  11. Kristen Misek says:

    Hello! I am a nurse from the USA and would love to hear more about your projects. I have always wanted to learn to sail but have yet to fulfill this dream. I would also be interested in spending some time in Bairo Pite Clinic. I am currently in Peru but could be in Asia as early as July. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • sailvega says:

      Hi Krieten, I will send your request along to Dr. Dan Murphy at Bario Pite clinic. You can also contact him by Googling Dan Murphy East Timor. Good mand and doing some great work

  12. Jatinderjit Singh Dhaliwal says:

    Hi, I am yachtmaster offshore power I would like to join you need more info. jjit.sd@gmail.com

  13. Michele st. Pierre says:

    Please send me the information about joining as well: seabagz@gmail.com.
    Thanks much.

  14. Declan Helby says:

    I’d just like to say what a brilliant project you’re running, helping out these communities in such a novel yet important way. I am an Australian who has studied and traveled across SE Asia (Malaysia/Indonesia/Philippines) for a few years now, meeting people and experiencing the cultures which I have come to love, and enjoy visiting whenever I can. My journeys have also opened my eyes to the difficulties and challenges faced by many of the people I have met, as well as many more across the archipelago. I’d love to be given a chance to join the crew – both as a challenge to myself, and to provide much needed support to people who really need it in this part of the world. I can communicate well in Bahasa Indonesia and can adapt to any situation necessary. I haven’t had much experience in sailing though, but I would be eager to learn and quick to respond to any instruction given. I would be very grateful if you could send me some more info on how I can get involved.
    Declan Helby

  15. Russell Gray says:

    Hi, my name is Russell Gray and working hard for long hours is something I enjoy immensely. Although there was never a proper sailors training provided to me in the past, I’m a fast learner, I’m very strong and I love the ocean, please allow me to join your crew and sail with you.

  16. Adrien Shen says:

    Hi, i sent a couple emails via workaway. Don’t know if you guys check that often.

    Name is Adrien Shen.

  17. Luca says:

    Hi am very interested in the activities and the projects of Vega. I am a 26 year old boy and I wish I could be part of this project by volunteering and personally give some help.
    I have amatorial experience on the sail boat. Since I am 15 I use to sail in the summer and I know how is the life on a boat with other people, where each individual has to take care of the boat and the different duties. I feel comfortable in living with other people and i think that I am a quite sociable person. I am also very responsible and I know that cooperation is the key to succeed in projects like the ones you have.
    I really hope to receive a reply from you and to have the chance to being part of your crew.

  18. Eleni Boyazoglu says:

    My name is Eleni I’d be very interested to take part in this. I’m very interested in the kind of work you do and I would love to be part of the crew but the application link is not working. I would love to talk to you further about this experience, my qualifications and what is necessary for me to become part of your group.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration. What you do is remarkable.

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