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Special appeal to Norwegian journalists concerning the 120-year-old Humanitarian vessel Vega

Although well known around the world Vega is little known in Norway where once she was famous. That she should be unknown in the country of her birth is a shame. As a journalist you have the power to change this by informing your readers about Vega, her history, and her current humanitarian work. We are ready to do all we can to help you with high quality images and interviews. Please, read on… Continue reading

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A short history of the 120 year old historic Norwegian vessel Vega

The 120 year old Norwegian Hardanger jacht Vega was launched in 1892. She is still alive and sails an average of 7,000 miles every year delivering donated educational and medical supplies to some of Indonesia’s most isolated small island communities. Vega is officially classified as an Historic Vessel and has won awards for her humanitarian service. Continue reading

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Q&A with Shane Granger, master of the Historic Vessel Vega

These are a few of the most common questions I am ask about Vega and her work. They will be very helpful to those writing articles about our humanitarian work and the boat in general. Please feel free to quote from them. Continue reading

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