Moduspec to establish vocational training in East Timor

ModuSpec, one of the Lloyds Register Group, has generously agreed to sponsor establishing a new  metal working / vocational training workshop at the Bakhita Centre, in Ermera District, East Timor. Moduspec is well known for being a no nonsense Dutch technical consulting firm with a highly effective approach to problem solving. There approach to assisting the farmers and communities of Ermera District is also direct and to the point. Farmers need farming tools and wheel barrows to re-start their farms. The community needs an efficient metal shop where repairs can be made. The young people of Ermera need training so they can escape unemployment. Moduspec’s solution was to fund the installation of a metal shop / vocational training center that as part of the training will manufacture farming tools and wheel barrows to be sold locally as well as teaching the local youth a profession. Vega will be delivering these important tools to East Timor when we arrive later this year.

The long term goal is to see this develop into community based light manufacturing that will create jobs and provide farmers with the tools they need. Moduspec’s position is, ‘We will assist them with the tools they need to help themselves. As long as we see positive results they can count on us for more assistance of this type, we are thinking expanding the metal shop to manufacture farm tools for a profit and be self sustaining and perhaps a mechanics shop / vocational training center for next year’.

About the Bakhita Center:

One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is meeting and helping people who though their own hard work are improving the living standard of their communities. Practical people with achievable goals that they themselves are tackling to the best of their ability. The Bakhita Centre is the type of grass roots community program that concentrates on real needs for real people, exactly the kind of people who can benefit the most from our help.

Manuel Soares, coordinator for the center, excitedly talks about needing basic agricultural tools so that farmers can began to grow crops again, or the success of finding the materials so the community can build new sanitation blocks or bring fresh water into their homes. His eyes sparkle when he describes the opening of the new health center and school, built with volunteer community labor, or how they struggle to maintain the only ambulance in the region without a proper set of mechanics tools.

There is pride there. Pride in community achievement and self-improvement. He proudly showed us pictures of their first commercial carrot crop grown on farms that had been fallow since 1999 or families nurturing and harvesting some of the world’s finest wild mountain coffee from plants that have been ignored for over 50 years.

Ermera district is a community that is trying hard to lift itself from the throws of poverty and war’s devastation. Our help is important to them. They need basic things like shovels, axes, hoes, and other small scale agricultural tools as well as basic carpenter and mechanic’s tools, educational expendables for their school and materials to build new sanitation blocks or to provide clean drinking water. It is a long list, but no single segment is beyond our ability to help. This is a place where together we can make a major impact on many peoples lives.


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