Interior images of the Historical Vessel Vega

Here is a collection of interior images I did of Vega a month or so ago. All the designs are Meggi’s. She spent months making 3D models in her computer to insure everything would fit and all the doors open etc. All of our new interiors were made from re-cycled wood from old ships or houses in Bali. Some of the teak is older than Vega. The fittings we had cast to Meggi’s designs as the ones we could find “ready made” were just too lightly made for a boat like Vega. She looks great – when empty – you should see her when we are all loaded up for our deliveries. Boxes everywhere! Sometimes we have had to sleep on deck or on top of boxes. Then again, it is well worth it and we do manage  to help a lot of people along the way.


Historic Vessel Vega Starboard cabin

Starboard cabin on H/V Vega

H/V Vega view of the salon port side

H/V Vega port side view of the salon

Historic Vessel Vega main electrical panel

Main electrical panel H/V Vega

Detail view of Vega's Galley

H/V Vega detail of galley

H/VVega galley looking forward

Historic Vessel Vega galley

Every day dining area on H/V Vega

H/V Vega everyday dining area

H/V Vega port side cabin -2

Historic Vessel Vega starboard side fwd cabin -2

Details H/V Vega salon area looking aft

Details H/V Vega salon area looking aft

H/V Vega details

Galley / salon details H/V Vega


Details of our tool locker

Tool locker details

11 Responses to Interior images of the Historical Vessel Vega

  1. Mike Field says:

    Wow! What a beautiful vessel. Your photos could easily have come from “The Finely Fitted Yacht.” Congratulations on such thoughtful, well-planned, and beautifully executed work.

  2. S/V Ceol Mor says:

    I am just gobsmacked by how lovely Vega is. Very, very well done…

  3. Jack Tar says:

    Reminds me a lot of some of the interior of Neil Young’s old boat (Ragland) beautiful.

    • Robert S Isenberg says:

      I was just talking about the “Ragland” with my cousin a few days ago. I was involved with her refit in Fort Lauderdale. At the time I was selling Marine Supplies.

  4. Mark says:

    A true Work of Art and a tribute to Human ingenuity.

  5. Steve Thompson says:

    Truly the work of a craftsman.Anyone would be proud of that beautiful vessel

  6. Lorenzo says:

    Apparently, you have given up all other pleasures such as bowling, hard drinking and watching television into all hours of the night. Beautiful, and filled with love. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Robert S Isenberg says:

    I occasionally crew with a friend who designed and built a scaled version of an armed brig of 8 Guns for which we do Privateer and (when thoroughly necessary)Pirate Reenactment. She sails quite well, her accommodations are comfortable from Great Aft Cabin to fo’cs’le. There are many clever uses of space and designs for stowage as well as ease of handling for short crew. I am sure my Captain will enjoy seeing many of your fine details and like myself the Awesome Tool Stowage System!!! Being raised on the Connecticut Shore of Long Island Sound my earliest exposure to sailing was dinghy, one design and day sailers. The bigger vessels were the Concordia and Hinkley yachts. The Aldens, S&S, Crockers, Rhodes, Albergs built by the wooden boat yards but facing the emerging fiberglass. Once I began to venture forth from the waters of my youth I began to learn about different boats than the limits of my home water. In Florida is where I saw my first Baltic Trader. The sheer strength of her appearance attracted me. This was in deep anchorage at Dinner Key, Miami, Florida. There were a bunch of folks living aboard. Almost a Commune for it was the Era. Over my years delivering and cruising I’ve seen a few more of these fine vessels. In the mid ’70s I was selling boats in Lauderdale. Our Brokerage was one of the few that would mess with wooden boats and the rare office to sell boats for under $20K. We sold some beauties too! I sold an Alden built by Morse Bros. in the 1920s. A ketch that sailed herself. A butternut interior, Shipmate cast iron range in the galley. It appeared as original as could be. The sellers were 2nd owners and had her for many years. Her name was “Christian Lee” ex (Bonanza). I sold “Gray Goose”. A racing Sloop of Robert Direktor’s that provided quite the Sea Trial. A favorite was a Harwich Brawley built in strip plank for the hull and the rest, traditional wooden boat. I designed trestle trees and cross trees for the boat yard to fabricate and properly fit her topmast. A first for me and surveyor approved! That model making time paid off eventually!
    I believe your project is a noble cause. “Think Globally. Act Locally”. You’ve proven one can do both. Sail on, reef early and Godspeed! Rob

  8. Phil says:

    This is amazing work, truly a masterpiece

  9. Malcolme says:


    • sailvega says:

      Meggi is the brains behind that design. She does design work and loves laying out boats to optimize the use of space and comfort at sea. What kind of boat do you have in mind?

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