A few lists of the items needed by the communities we support for our 2012 Mission of Mercy

These are lists of items requested by the communities, teachers, and health professionals we assist. We only work from lists like these that are given to us by the people who need our help to avoid wasting cargo space or delivering things that are not wanted or needed. Have a look. Most are simple items that are not at all expensive or difficult to find. If you would like to help out please go to our website at www.sailvega.com and click on the Support Vega button that will take you to our full lists. Here is a direct link

Kits for East Timor's MidwivesRural Midwife kits ( 35 sets needed + updates for 50 sets already delivered)
These kits are for the rural midwives trained by Dr. Ayida in East Timor and for the midwives on the small islands we assist. Without the proper tools it is hard for them to do their jobs providing health care for women and children in isolated areas. It has been estimated that in some areas these kits reduce infant mortality at birth by 30% and death giving birth by the same or more.

1 copy “A book for Midwives”: Care for pregnancy, birth, and woman’s health in Bahasa Indonesia.

Complete midwives / woman’s health kit

1 X Solar rechargeable lamp for deliveries
1 X Solar rechargeable hand Torch light for examinations
1 X Doppler fetal heart beat monitor
1 X BP set
1 X Stethoscope
2  X Bulb syringes for suction
2 X Thermometer (Celsius)
50 X Gloves
2 X pair Household cleaning gloves
1 X Plastic apron
1 X box Surgical Masks (50 pieces)
Eye covers
1 X Bivalve Speculum Medium
1 X Bivalve Speculum Large
1 X Sponge Forceps Straight 200mm
1 X Long Straight Artery Forceps 200mm
1 X Uterine Sound Simpson 300mm Graduated in 200mm
1 X Tenaculum Forceps 280mm
1 X Scissors, Uterine Curved Sims 200mm
1 X Cup Solution 180ml Stainless Steel
1 X Stainless Steel Instrument Tray with Cover
1 X Dissecting Forceps
1 X Bisturi Tang
1 X Tweezers
1 X Trocar with Plunger
1 X Forceps for removal implants
2 X Artery forceps
1 X Blunt ended scissors
1 X Neonatal ambubag
2 sizes of mask – 0 and 1, or term and preterm sizes
1 X Dee Lee mucous extractor
Resuscitation face mask – neonatal / infant
20 packets  3:0 or 4:0 chromic(absorbable) sutures.
2 X Needle Holder-2
1 X Stitch Scissors-1
1 X Dissecting Forceps, toothed-1
1 X Episiotomy scissors-1
50 X Natal clips – 50
1 X Measuring Tape
1 X Weighing Scales (Bucket) – Baby
1 X MUAC Tape (LILA)
1 X ARI Timer or Watch
1 X Disposable Syringes / needles for vaccinations
Suture sets (need sizes)
Assortment of bandages
Plasters and surgical tape
¼ liter Antiseptic Cleansing
12 X Antiseptic hand soap
1 X Plastic closeable hand soap carrier
100ml Iodine or Betadine
10 X Antibiotic eye ointment for newborns – 5 Gm tubes
5 X Hydrocortisone Packet, .9 g
5 X Medium butterfly wound closures
5 X Large butterfly wound closures
50 X Misoprostol 200 ugm tabs
25 X Alcohol cleansing pads
10 X Oxytocin injectable (non- cold chain type)
500 Ibuprofen and / or paracetamol(acetamenaphen) 500mg tablets
50 X vials X Vit K inj 1 mg
1000 Tabs X Iron sulfate 200 mg with or without folic acid

Publications in Bahasa Indonesia
Where there is no doctor

Medications needed by the small communities assisted by the Historic Vessel Vega

Health Workers kit – Drugs and Medications

These kits are designed to provide comprehensive support for an entire community and in many cases an entire islands population. All drugs are generics and purchased in Indonesia to avoid Regulatory issues and insure that the instructions are easy for the health workers or midwives to understand.

•    Antibiotics: capsules or tables: 250, 500 mg & injectable vials (Non-cold chain critical)
200 X Amoxicillin 500mg
20 bottles X Amoxicillin syrup
200 pills X Coartem
100 X pills antihistamine…generic
100 pills X Cotrimoxizole
200 X Cloxicillin 250 mg pills
100 pills X Metronidazole 250 mg
200 X Albendazole 400 mg
600 pills X Mebendazole 100 mg
100 pills X Promethazine 25 mg
200 pills X Antacid
20 bottles X antibiotic/corticosteroid ear drops

•    Hydrogen peroxide
•    Gentian violet
•    Vaseline
•    Epinephrine vials
•    Metronidazole (for gut infections caused by amoebas, giardia, and certain         bacteria)
•    Iodine
•    Antispasmodics
•    Antihistamines
•    Aluminum hydroxide or magnesium
•    Antibiotic ointments: Neosporin or Polysporin
•    20 tubes X Antibiotic eye ointment 5 gm
•    1% tetracycline (to protect a newborn baby’s eyes from conjunctivitis)
•    Nose drops with ephedrine or phenylephrine
•    Cortico-steroid ointments
•    Ointments with undecylenic, benzoic, or salicylic acid (for fungus infections)
•    Something for urinary track support (kidney or bladder stones)
•    Chloroquine (Malaria)
•    Hydroxide (for acid indigestion or heartburn or for treatment of a stomach ulcer)
•    Oxytocin or Ergonovine (to prevent or control severe bleeding after birth)
•    Folic acid 5
•    Activated charcoal tablets
•    500 X Iron sulphate W/ Folic Acid
•    100 X Vitamin A (retinol) 50,000units
•    Niacin (niacinamide)
•    Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
•    Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
•    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
•    Vitamin D
•    Vitamin K ampoules of 1 mg
•    Vitamin B6
•    Calcium & Glucoamine HCL tablets
•    And/or Multivitamins containing all the above (in Containers of 1.000 or 500)
•    500 X Multivitamins for children
•    Vitamin B complex
•    Paracetamol syrup (for children)
•    Paracetamol tablets (500 mg in containers of 500)
•    Ibuprofen (500mg in containers of 500)
•    Lidocaine ampoules (for pain when sewing wounds)
•    100 X Mebendazole (for worms and trichinosis)
•    Dexamethasone (herpes)
•    100 X condoms

Vega delivers school supplies to EAst Timor

H/V Vega needs school supplies for the schools of East Timor

Generic School Supply List (48 small schools)

This list is a composite from all the lists given to us by the teachers we assist. Most of the items are very basic and easily obtained almost anywhere, except East Timor or the other islands we assist.

Writing pencils

Colored pencils
Black markers
Colored markers
Pencil sharpeners (Small and Turn the crank type)
Erasers / rubber
Glue sticks
Water color paints & brushes
Writing Pens

30 cm rulers
Blackboard paint
World wall map
Wall charts for body and other things
Reams of A4 paper
Compass for drawing circles
Exercise books

white & colored
Sports equipment, footballs, basketballs and hoop, volleyball and net
Various levels school books in Bahasa indonesia/malaysia

H/VVega delivers supplies for the farmers of East Timor

Farming supplies to be delivered by the Historic Vessel Vega will help restart farms and provide income to rural communities

Nutritional self help for isolated communities

Most of the small islands we assist subsist on fish, coconuts, bananas, and taro. That is not exactly a well rounded diet and it is the children that are effected most of all. Poor nutrition stunts growth both physically and mentally. By providing basic inputs to cultivate a wide variety of vegetables we help improve the entire islands diet and general health at a very modest cost.
Generic Vegetable Seed List

Spinach,  Chickpea ,Onions ( all types), Spring Onion, Garlic, Broccoli, Green Chili, Baby Corn, Sweet Corn, all types of Beans, Kale, Cauliflower, Red Cabbage, Cabbage, Jap Pumpkin, Choko, Leek, Daikon Radish, Okra, Pak Choy green, Chinese Cabbage, Aborigine, Cucumber, Tomato, Tomato Cherry (red & Yellow), Carrot, Zucchini, Watercress, Iceberg lettuce, Green Lettuce, Red lettuce, Fennel, Basil, Mint, Turmeric, Parsley, Celery, potato seeds, Courgette, Brassicas (Brussels sprouts), Pepper (California, Lamu), beets, watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, Berenjana, Pumpkin, Carrots,Turnips, Oregano.

Vega school first aid kits

School First Aid Kits (50 kits needed)

Not one of the schools we assist has even the most basic first aid kit. This is an easy problem to solve. Below is listed all the contents for an approved school first aid kit.

Rural School First Aid Kit

Gauze pieces sterile 7.5cm x 7.5cm, packets of 3
Burn dressings, dry, non-adhesive, small
Burn dressings, dry, non-adhesive, large
Eye pads, sterile
Conforming bandages, 2.5cm
Conforming bandages, 5cm
Wound dressing, no. 14 (medium)
Crepe bandages, 7.5cm
Triangular bandages (cotton)
Elastic dressing strips (hypo-allergenic), 4cm width x 1 m packets
Adhesive tape (hypo-allergenic), 2.5cm width x 1m packets
Adhesive dressing strips (hypo-allergenic) packets of 50
Antiseptic solution 20ml sachet, aqueous chlorhexidine
Scissors, stainless, 12.5cm, sharp end, angle type
Safety pins, assorted sizes, packets of 12
Disposable basic dressing packs
Sterile combine pressure dressings, small (9cm x 20cm)
Sterile combine pressure dressings, large (20cm x 20cm)
Saline eye wash solution, 100ml, single use
Resuscitation mask
Splinter forceps (125mm)
25 Exam-Quality Gloves
¼ liter Antiseptic Cleansing
100ml Iodine or Betadine
1 tube Triple Antibiotic Ointment
5 Hydrocortisone Packet, .9 g
5 X Medium butterfly wound closures
5 X Large butterfly wound closures
50 Ibuprofen tablets
25 Alcohol cleansing pads
Publications in Bahasa Indonesia
First aid pamphlet or booklet
Book: Where there is no Doctor

Without tools its is hard to build a community

Basic Carpenters Tool kits

These basic kits contain hand tools for carpenters and boat builders. In communities that have few if any tools they make a major impact on the whole communities well being. This is just one more way we have found that a small imput can make a big difference in peoples lives.

1 X claw hammer     16 Oz
1 X ball peen hammer    20 Oz
1 X cross cut saw   24″
1 X rip saw      24″
1 X set assorted wood chisels
1 X large block plane w/ spare blade ( 14″)
1 X medium block plain w/ spare blade  (8″)
2 X sharpening stone
1 X saw set
1 X set files for sharpening saws
1 X set assorted screw drivers
1 X drill brace
1 X set drill bits  (28 bits HSS)
1 X set auger bits
2 X 12″ adjustable spanner
1 X set wood rasps   (12″)
1 X Large flat blade screw driver (8mm X 300)
1 X large star screw driver       (3 X 300)
1 X Set paddle bits
1 X Hand axe
1 X Carpenters bench vise
1 X Carpenters metal square 12″
1 X 50 meter cloth tape measure
1 X Tape measure 5 meter
1 X Assorted bar clamps
1 X Metal tool box
Assorted nails boat spikes and other fastenings ( Galvanized)


4 Responses to A few lists of the items needed by the communities we support for our 2012 Mission of Mercy

  1. Brad says:

    Shane, How would one get these supplies to you or do you purchase them via your donation support?

    • sailvega says:

      Well depends on where you are. Most people bring they things they have collected directly to the boat. Others that are too far away send us a paypal donation and an email how they want us to apply their donation…educational supplies, tools, medical supplies etc. We try to be as efficient as we can so no offices or salaries or other wasteful overheads. The idea is not to be bigger just more efficient.

  2. Glenda Cheong says:

    I have coloured pencils, lead pencil, markers, paper (lined and Coloured) 1 full set of WORLD BOOK encyclopedia, 1 set of WORLD BOOK, People and Places, couple of english vocab. books and would like to donate them.
    I live in Humpty Doo, 40klms from Darwin and would like to know where is the collection point in Darwin or Palmerston NT.

    • sailvega says:

      Hi thanks for the contact sounds like good stuff for schools and very useful. We are out delivering now and our contact person for Darwin – Alexis – is on board with us.Will give her your contact for when she gets back.

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