About The Historic Vessel Vega

The Historic Vessel Vega is a 118 year old Hardanger Jacht built in Olve Norway over the winter of 1893-94. She was built to carry heavy cargos such as building stone, bricks, cement, pig iron, engines and other heavy loads that would have broken other boats not built for the job. She was built for the rough north sea and certified trade in the Arctic. In 1898 Vega’s half model was among 5 that won her builder Ola Nerhus the prize for best innovative designs at the 1898 fair in Oslo. Vega currently dedicates to the gathering and delivery of educational and medical supplies to isolated island communities in South East Asia. Her crew is mostly made up of volunteers from many nations. Vega’s website can be found at http://www.sailvega.com

7 Responses to About The Historic Vessel Vega

  1. Chris Hamilton says:

    Hi! My name’s Chris Hamilton and I’m very interested in volunteering as crew on the VEGA, I just replied to your ad at cruisersforum.com but I’d like to find a way to talk to you guys more directly, I’m a fully qualified Yachtmaster offshore with 3000 miles experience, an experienced labourer, and a hard-working Canadian, I’ve always been the type to work my arse off to for little or no reward besides the smile on their face, I have some experience sailing on a tall ship across the Great Lakes of Canada, and would love to continue my learning, please contact me at the e-mail address listed
    I’m free from January to May and then from March onward, and am eager to start learning and helping so please get ahold of me as soon as possible, thank you!

  2. Ben Tosto says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading up on your operation, and it sounds like an unbelievable opportunity. I would love so much to volunteer and be a part of your crew, but I have pretty limited sailing experience. I’m a quick learner, and have a pretty diverse background of experience, but I don’t expect that’s enough to sell myself. I’m currently staying in Boston, but I carry everything I own on my back and I’m looking for a new adventure. Sailing tall ships has been something I’ve wanted to pour myself into since I was very very young, and the humanitarian aspect of this project is irresistibly attractive, so I’d love to finally be part of an experience like this. If unbridled enthusiasm alone isn’t enough to earn a spot on your crew, can you tell me what kinds of knowledge, experience, and base skills I could work on that would make me a valuable and worthwhile addition aboard the Vega?

    I wasn’t sure what the best way to get in touch was, but I saw Chris’s response was noticed here. Thanks!

    All the best,

    • sailvega says:

      Hi Ben I took out your email address so you will not be inundated with spam etc…. amazing how many unclaimed accounts and lost oil field owners are discovered by people in Nigeria or….

      • Ben Tosto says:

        Thanks, it is remarkable how many of my long lost friends and relatives want to sell me prescription drugs for cheap or have urgent messages from foreign dignitaries. Any chance you guys had some tips or ideas for me? I’ve been pulling strings with my friends to see if I can get on a crew sailing south before winter sets in here, but it’s hard to know where to start without a sense of where the sailing community exists, locally or otherwise. Is it stupid of me to imagine I have a shot at being on your crew? I’d really like to think that I do, and I’m willing to throw myself into it wholeheartedly.

      • Ben Tosto says:

        P.S. Is this even the best way to be communicating with you guys? I left my email hoping to get in more direct contact, but if there’s some more preferred way of talking, I’m all ears…

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