Another glowing review for “The Vega Adventures”

The Vega Adventures is a rousing rascallian recount of the incredible journeys of Captain Shane Granger and Meggi on board their fine conveyance, The Vega, a 120+ year old Norwegian sailing vessel. In 2004, Captain Shane and Meggi navigated The Vega to deliver disaster relief supplies desperately needed in the wake of the Great Tsunami. They stayed, continuing their humanitarian mission that donates education and health care supplies to the region’s remotest islands. In between fund-raising, packing and delivering life-giving supplies, Captain Shane kept meticulous track of so many fascinating moments and experiences. In the wee hours of the night, or the first light of dawn, Meggi would find Captain Shane pouring out a new anecdote, capitalizing on his awesome talent for turning a phrase as smartly as he can rig a sail. What makes The Vega Adventures so darn irresistible is its never-a-dull-moment pace and intriguing diversity of content. Whether it’s an intimate look at Norway’s storied history in sailboat building or a heart pounding monsoon of a monsoon encounter, The Vega Adventures is a gourmet feast – literally as well. Captain Shane liberally seasons his tale with insider information about the spice trade and spices of the islands that he and Meggi have navigated to, around and near for many years. At 300 pages, the Vega Adventure never gets tired. Captain Shane accomplishes this challenging feat (in our 30-second attention span world) with fast-flowing vignettes, one after another after another. Another plus for purchasers of The Vega Adventures is that you will be supporting one of the most effective humanitarian missions on earth. I loved this book and I can’t wait to read it (especially the really salty dog parts) to my dear Uncle. While he is now of an age for armchair sailing only, he’ll love every moment, including realism rich enough to put the tangy taste of salt on his lips!

Learn more about “The Vega Adventures” by following this handy link Vega Adventures

Sailing the Java Sea

Sailing the Java Sea

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