Moduspec and Vega still saving lives together

vessel Vega Midwife Kit

Thanks to companies like Moduspec this years midwife and re-supply / upgrade kits were the best ever.

Our special thanks to Moduspec for providing 100 neonatal resuscitators and 100 suction devices for this years midwife kits and the re-supply / upgrades for last years kits. These are important tools that were badly needed by the traditional midwives we assist. These tools already  have and will continue to save lives for years to come. Thanks to companies like Moduspec and our other friends who helped make it possible according to official statistics the maternal and new born death rate has fallen over 50% in the communities we assist. For the past several years Leo Nagtegaal (founder of Moduspec) and his wife Vicky have staunchly supported Vega’s work making possible many of our most important successes.

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