Historic vessel Vega 2012 update

This poor blog has been sadly ignored in the past few months. My only excuse is that we have been very very busy making it happen for the small communities we assist. This years deliveries are a record not only for amounts but most importantly for the quality of the items we are delivering. As Dr. Dan in Dili said what you have brought us is better than they have at the general hospital here and Dr. aida commented when she saw the new midwife kits that they were better than anything she had ever dreamed of and would save so many lives. The health worker kits are proving a big success as they allow isolated communities to care for themselves. This can be isolation due to location or sometimes like East Timor in the rainy season weather. Those people are completely on their own cut off from all outside assistance. That is where those comprehensive health worker kits are a life saving blessing. Our Kits4Kids program is proving to be a super success with over 350 kits delivered to needy kids in the isolated rural areas. We were lucky in that Frank and Hieke Sauer from the GESS school in Singapore – who donated 350 kits – could come to East Timor and deliver those kits themselves. You can see pictures of those deliveries at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.361747007227870.79945.125068434229063&type=3 and our latest newsletter is to be found at http://www.sailvega.com/newsletters/may2012/may2012.html please do have a look at them to keep updated in a more timely fashion. Also we have a very active FaceBook site at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Historic-Vessel-Vega/125068434229063 I will try and pay better attention to this blog over the next few months but do understand when we are out like this we often go for weeks with no internet contact.

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