List of one off items needed by the communities we assist

This is a list of the one off items needed. They do not fit in any of the standard catagories so here they are.
Here is the list of outstanding items that are one off or for specific community projects. If anyone has any of these things you do not need please do remember the communities we assist.
General and one off items for community Improvement

1. Nails and other fastenings both for boat building / repair and for other use on land. Need many different sizes. Include nuts and wood bolts, wood washers, carriage bolts, etc.
3. Very basic mechanics kits for outboard and long tail repairs
4. Adz and axes for boat building, include brace and bits
5. Fishing line, hooks, weights, hand spools, etc. ( professional not sport sizes)
6. Music instruments (Guitars, etc) guitar strings – both wire and nylon sets, Mixer, Microphones X 3, Amp, Speakers, Keyboard, Elec. Guitar, Bass, Etc
7. Spools of Rope (many sizes 5mm – 20mm) good quality for long wear / use
8. 1 X 12 Vdc cool box for vaccine storage
9. 1 X most basic natal incubator – if possible 220 Vac and 12 Vdc
10. Manual sewing machine & table (Old Singer type), thread, needles, siccors and basic tailoring equipment for Nila
11. 35 X sets Knives, forks, spoons (Gaspar)
12. 35 Sets Plates, cups, etc for orphanage (Gaspar)
13. Basic Carpenters / boat builders tool sets
14. Dictionary Indonesia – English
15. Reading glasses
16. 2 X mechanical typewriter
17. 10 X set of Microscopes
18. 2 X overhead projector
19. 10 X set of badminton gear + shuttle cock
20. 6 X set of football team clothing (13 – 16 years)
21. 6 X set of football team shoes (No. 38 – 41)
22. Snorkeling equipment, Masks, fins etc
23. 1 X Battery for Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop
24. 1 X Battery for Dell XPS M1210 Battery type HF674

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