Kits 4 Kids takes off big in Singapore

Teacher escapes to sea while students deliver Kits 4 Kids bag

On the 15 & 16 March over 400 Students from the German International School of Singapore visited Vega to deliver the Kits 4 Kids bags they had gathered.

This past week was an amazing time on board Vega. On the 15 and 16th we had a visit from over 400 primary school children from the German International School in Singapore. There were 4 groups each day over the those two days. With  the final group helping me to fight off a “Pirate” who together we managed to push off the bowsprit seeing as we have no “Plank” to make him walk.
Those children all took part in our new “Kits 4 Kids” program where students from an affluent school provide a school bag filled with supplies from a list we provide them with for a counter part child living in one of the communities we assist. For a first time “Test”

the results were wonderful with over 350 kits already collected. For sure you will be hearing more about this small, but very helpful program in the future.

German International School donate "Kits 4 Kids" on board Humanitarian Vessel Vega

Humanitarian vessel Vega loads "Kits 4 Kids" in Singapore

Singapore German International School students deliver their Kits 4 Kids bags to the Historic vessel Vega

Childern visiting the Historic vessel Vega load Kits 4 Kids bags