The Historic Vessel Vega Humanitarian Awards

The Vega Awards

Every community has humanitarian heroes – exceptional people and companies who are willing and able to assist others less fortunate than they are. They donate money, they give time, and they give of themselves. Often, this charitable work goes unrecognized, except by the individuals and communities they assist.

Each year on behalf of the people, organizations, and communities we assist the Historic Vessel Vega recognizes and awards outstanding groups, companies, and individuals who have saved, improved or enriched the lives of others or society as a whole, through generous donations and selfless service.

These annual Humanitarian awards were created to recognize outstanding individuals and companies who go above and beyond the call of duty to help others and have an affinity with their fellow human beings, exceptional examples of what a humanitarian is – a person who helps improve and enrich the lives of others.

The Vega Award Categories

Humanitarian Service: These Humanitarian Awards are given to individuals who have shown unusual understanding, empathy, and devotion to those less fortunate than they are.  We on Vega are privileged and proud to pay homage to these exceptional world citizens who have demonstrated their dedication to the cause of humanity and have devoted a part of their lives and fortunes to the betterment of mankind.

Exceptional achievement in Corporate Social Responsibility: These awards recognize and honor companies or organizations who have demonstrated their dedication to the cause of humanity and have devoted a part of their lives and resources to the betterment of mankind demonstrating leadership and sincerity as well as an on-going commitment by incorporating ethical values, respect for individuals, communities, and the environment into their way of doing business.

Each award category is divided into Educational, Public Health, and Public Service categories.

Built at Olve, Norway in 1893-94, for over 100 years VEGA carried cargos of bricks, building stone, pig iron, and cement through some of the world’s roughest seas. Built for the North Sea and certified for Arctic trade, VEGA was famous for her strength and ability to carry loads other boats her size could not. Baltic traders like VEGA made some very impressive voyages including immigrants to North America and cargos to the Mediterranean, Africa and the Caribbean, some rounding Cape Horn to trade with Chile.

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