Concord Lifeline Batteries give problems..Company responds with lots of help

Well I guess it had to happen sooner or later and the way this year is going I was not overly surprised to find that our lovely 3 year old Lifeline Batteries started giving troubles. We have 6 of the 255 Amp batteries in our main bank and the represent a major investment for us. Just imagine that the current replacement price in Oz is Au $ 1.090 each! Thats about $1.300 USD! In any case I tried to contact the company for advice and at first recieved no response. Being as cynical as I am about big companies I assumed this was the usual grab your money and wave response we have come to expect from todays companies. In desperation I tried again from their website form and got a response. It seems that my first attempts from East Timor had gone into a cyber space black hole. Well David was very nice and said they have never had a bank like ours fail all at once. In fact he seemed to feel we should still have quite a few years left in those batteries. His first e-mail had quite a few very specific technical questions about our entire system. His second had some very sound advice on how to perhaps Resurrect our batteries. Right now I am trying his suggested “Plan A”. I will keep you updated and hope to soon have some good news to report. The best part is dealing with someone who clearly knows batteries and truely seems interested in solving our problem.

Update 22/Sept/11 Well the batteries are fried for what ever reason they are so far gone now we get about 1-2 hours running from 4 x 255 amp bank. Thats the bad news. The good news is our new ones are waiting for us…or at least should be…in Singapore so only 528 Nm more to go and that is one more problem solved. The company have been great with advice and making it possible for us to replace the entire bank. As they had never had this happen before .. a whole bank going out… they treated the whole thing as being under gurantee and helped with the shipping costs as well. Nicer people you could not hope to deal with. Something very rare in the cut throat world of Batteries and business. LifeLine Gets our vote and that’s a fact.

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One Response to Concord Lifeline Batteries give problems..Company responds with lots of help

  1. Brad says:

    Shane, good to hear you are managing way out there on the edge of the world. Cant wait to see you and that vessel one day.

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