Spectra Water Maker a few observations you may need to know about

We have been using our Spectra Newport 400 for about 3 years now and have make a few truck loads of water with it. The over all feeling is we are very happy with it and super satisfied with the service our dealer in Singapore has provided. There is only one real problem we have found that could be easily solved should the company wish. The main pump uses a vane system and those vanes will wear over time and use. This causes the water flow to fall slowly reducing the units output in exactly the same way a failing membrane would. This is something not at all covered in the manual or even on their website but should be. We reciently had our pump fail with very well worn vanes. Taking it apart showed that those are very small simple parts that could be easily changed by most of us boat owners. BUT, that is not the approach that Spectra takes. They insist that you pay about $1,000 Plus for a new pump head and must return the old head – which I assume they then rebuild and sell on again- A rebuild kit would cost at most $100 so this is a shake down for sure. A real shame from a company that builds good kit that we can be happy to suggest to all who are interested in a REAL water maker. Oh well now trying to ident the source of that pump so we can get future parts direct from the factory at about 1,000 % savings. Anyone with ideas feel free to post here.

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