Just a quick up date on where we are and what we are up to

We have been at sea for most of the past few weeks either delivering to some of the small island communities we assist or simply getting here. The monsoon turned against us just after we left Jakarta fully loaded so it was a slog for the next 600 miles often only making 2-3 knts even though we were burning the fuel to make 6 knts. It was not at all funny for sure and what with the rough seas… well you can imagine. Even so at last we made it to Medang island our first delivery stop where we off loaded educational and medical supplies for the school and clinic there. Spent 2 lovely days relaxing then on to East Timor. So far we have delivered the metal work shop equipment for the Ermerra vocational training center, managed to get them a complete office set up ( the embassy of Norway was closing down so we were able to get that for the Bahkita project) They needed that badly as the office they had was practically on the floor. Today delivered several truck loads of midwives kits and other supplies to Dr. Dan Murphy at his Barria Pite free clinic. These were supplies he badly needed and was very happy to see arrive at last. Our water maker packed up last week. Seems the pump head tried to digest a strange piece of metal with poor results. Thanks to Jason Queck the Spectra dealer in Singapore Joanne should be bringing out a new pump head when she arrives on the 11th July. Alexis Marsh has been a very busy girl in Oz collecting medical and educational supplies so looks like when the Darwin -Dili regatta boats arrive we will have a great top up on our load for the smaller islands we assist. Alexis will be arriving on the 9th to crew with us for a few months. Fuel continues to be our biggest worry. The prices have gone completely whack-o all along our route. We have several schemes up our jumpers but if nothing works we may have to forgo the Banda Islands this year and deliver their supplies next year. In any case we will not give up until it is absolutely forced on us. Too many people depend on us for their years supplies. I have a load of pictures we have been taking all along the route that I will try and post in the next few days….that is if the connection will let me. Wish us luck and trust that we will do our very best to make our commitments.

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