Special thanks to our friends in Singapore

We would like to thank several of our company friends in Singapore without whom our work would simply not be possible. The private individuals who are such an important of making our work a success we do not mention to avoid them being inundated by free bank accounts and the winning of lotteries they never entered &:o)

Special thanks to Moduspec ( one of the Lloyds Register Companies) for their great assistance with the vocational training center in East Timor as well as with educational and medical supplies. To Jotun Paints of Singapore who are providing important support in the form of educational and medical supplies as well as paint for the schools in Oecussi district of East Timor, to Viking life Rafts of Singapore who have provided major support for the midwives kits as well and medical supplies for East timor, and the Banda Islands, and to Scandanavian Bunkering for their assistance with fuel so we can deliver these supplies. We would also like to thank the very kind members and staff at Raffles Marina without which we would not be able to make this important stop over in Singapore. Apple computers and Micro2000 for their kind assistance keeping us “online” . A big thank you from the crew on Vega and the people you are assisting.

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