How to have fewer headaches from your outboard motor

From the engine room

Engineer's mate

You know how outboards loose power when stored for a long time? Well here is why and how to prevent it.

When you take the motor off and store it without proper preparation there is fuel and oil in the carburetor. When the motor sits that fuel evaporates through the fuel jets depositing a coating much like a varnish. You cannot easily see this, but it slowly closes the jet preventing the proper flow of fuel. Do this often enough and you get a motor that is the very devil to start and runs like an old lawn mower giving little or no power.
To prevent this before you take the motor off the dingy turn off the fuel and run it at idle until the fuel in the carburetor is consumed. No fuel in the carburetor means no varnish in the jets. Now you can store the motor safely and it should run perfectly when you need it again. Just thought I would share this with you. It was in our last newsletter at Nov-Dec Newsletter. along with a lot of other sailor like stuff that could be useful.

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