What ever happened to seamanship?

I just saw where 8 boats went aground in the latest Kings Cup Regatta in Phuket during what was described as 15-20 knt winds and rain showers. The reason given for all the boats getting in this sad shape was the swell preventing dinghies launching from the beach.

Having seen how many of the top racing teams, the ones wit h the know it all captains, just pull in to a marina, tie up, and take off to a hotel leaving no one on board their boats I am not surprised at this latest news. Good common seamanship says you have an anchor watch in a strange or new place. I guess they all thought the party was more important than their boats.

Scott Murry of SEA Yachting Magazine just sent me this from Capt. Marty’s great site:

“Unfortunately the light winds of the series disappeared for the last day of the regatta, replaced by 20 knot plus westerly and turned the 2m sea swell into rolling breakers on Kata Beach. The huge swell battered the 100 odd anchored yachts in the bay and made them vulnerable to washing ashore and almost impossible to launch boats from the beach, so crews could venture out to secure the anchor or move the boats around to the East coast for shelter. As nine boats washed ashore, racing was cancelled for the day as the yacht rescue mission commenced in earnest”.

(See *AY* *Race Report 5<http://asianyachting.com/news/PKCR10/5.htm>

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One Response to What ever happened to seamanship?

  1. Seamanship? What is this? 😉

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