An old picture of the Nerhus Boatyard in Olve

The boat yard where Vega was built in 1893

Ole Nerhus boatyard Olve Norway where H/V Vega was built

I just found this old picture of the Nerhus Boatyard in Olve, Hardanger, Norway where Vega was built. She was actually built in the shed you see here and slid down the same ways. The farm and boat yard now belong to Lars Nerhus who is a well known ship and yacht designer. Although sadly the yard no longer builds boats I bet if we pitched up with Vega he would fire up the old slip and haul her out for us.

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2 Responses to An old picture of the Nerhus Boatyard in Olve

  1. Tiernan Roe says:

    I suppose you guys are aware of the Hardanger ship preservation centre in Norheimsund. I’m pretty sure they’d have lots of info if you’re looking for it. You might already know this. I’m just back from a visit there, amazing place. Might be a little chillier than Indonesia at the moment. -18 centigrade. Anyway all the best.
    Tiernan Roe

  2. sailvega says:

    Thanks Tiernan yes we are in constant contact with that hard working bunch of boat nuts. They do some lovely work do they not? Their ship was also built by Ole Nerhus and is 10 years older than Vega. On another note your boats are pretty special also. I visited your site and was very impressed. I put a link on this blog so anyone interested in hand made custom boats can find a good place to have theirs built.

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