It is not easy to find the right crew for Vega.

It is not easy to find the right crew for Vega.Finding the right crew members for Vega has always been a problem. We are not a cruise ship where people come on board and lay about soaking up the sun. We are also not a free form of passage from one place to another for hitchhiking back packers. The people we need are those who are willing to work hard, sometimes under pretty rough conditions, as well as enjoy those lovely nights at sea with the full moon. Our work is serious and people depend on us to bring them the assistance they need or to deliver their assistance to those in need. It also takes time to train someone how to sail Vega, how to keep a proper watch, and how to do the hundreds of things a boat like Vega needs to keep running.

Oddly age is not an important factor for our crew. As long as you are healthy and in reasonably good physical shape, eat almost anything, and do not get seasick you can find a pretty interesting and adventurous time aboard Vega. If you think you would like to crew with us or know someone who you think would be a valuable addition to the crew let me know, but remember what we need are people who can dedicate at least a month to helping others while sailing an old ship thousands of mile to do it.

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