Countdown is on for the 21st Raja Muda Regatta

Only a few days left before the big start to one of the regions oldest and most respected international regattas. Vega has the honor of being this years press boat and already the cabins are filling fast as word gets out about Meggi’s cooking and the joy of waking up to fresh roasted wild mountain coffee or her home made pastries…. and that’s just a warm up for the real breakfast!

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2 Responses to Countdown is on for the 21st Raja Muda Regatta

  1. S/Y HILDE says:

    Thanks for a nice time in Raffles. We wich you a good and safe sailing i Malaysia. Breg, Reidun & Finn

  2. sailvega says:

    I can’t help but ask myself how much of this progressive loss in stability is due to changes in shape or design I call it and how much is due to cost cutting measures by the builders in order to increase profits or perhaps a combination of both?

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