Football Association of Singapore join the Vega team


Football Association of Singapore

This is great news for all the small high schools we assist in Indonesia and East Timor. Thanks to an agreement between the Football Association of Singapore and Vega we will now be able to deliver professional football equipment far beyond the wildest dreams of the students and sports teachers who requested our help with sporting equipment. Thanks to a combined effort between the FAS and the various professional teams of Singapore students in some of the most underprivileged schools along our route will be playing with the same equipment and uniforms used by Singapore’s National Football Team. Just imagine the excitement and encouragement for a young person who sees “his” shirt being worn by a national team player on television or in the news. Thank you FAS and all the teams who made this possible. You have just made quite a few youngsters, whose future was looking bleak, very happy. Who knows in a few years one may make it to be a “Star” for the Singapore team.

On another note we are still looking for volleyballs and volleyball nets as well as some other sports equipment that was requested.

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog site, Shane! Looking forward to reading about your exploits on the seven seas!

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