A short history of the historic vessel Vega

In 1894 Ola H. Nerhus built one of his famous “Hardanger jachts” at Nerhuson shipyard in Ølve, Norway. VEGA was built to the highest standards for Capt. Nils Vagan, of Herøysund, as a deep-sea carrier certified for Artic waters, a classification few boats were strong enough for.

“Vega” was so successful that as recently as 1942 she was still being copied. Over 100 years later “Vega” is the last of her kind and one of a select few to be officially classified “Historical Vessel”.

Lars Nerhus, historian and great grandson of Ola Nerhus, has Vega’s original half model and states, “VEGA” was well known as a great ship. She was a (true) Nerhus Hardanger Jacht, with that typical hull-form and heart shaped stern”. “I was always told that “Vega” was the best and strongest Jacht he (Ola Nerhus) ever built”!

In 1905 shipyard owner Alfred Olsson of Bergkvara, Sweden acquired Vega as a wreck and after being slightly modified and refit she was re-launched, as a new boat, to become the legendary “VEGA of Bergkvara”. For almost 100 years she continued to carry heavy cargos of cement, bricks, and building stone under the Swedish flag.

Baltic traders like VEGA made some impressive voyages including immigrants to North America and cargos to the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Caribbean. Some even rounded Cape Horn to trade with Chile.

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