The Historic vessel Vega haulout Drama

The great Vega haul out drama act – 1

On the 8th of this month while hauling out for our annual dry docking 
Vega fell from her cradle on the starboard side while still in the 
water. With the help of a crane we managed to right her again only to 
have an over excited crane operator pull her past vertical. She then 
fell on her starboard side flooding the boat completely. At low tide we 
managed to patch the multitude of leaking seams and pump her dry. Due to
 her massive construction - she's a tough old bird - the hull
 damage is not as bad as expected. The rigging appears in good shape 
having taken hours of strain at 45 degrees heel. Engine and generator 
along with all electrical equipment are a total loss. Much damage to the
 interior furnishings and of course all our possessions. The surveyors 
are now investigating what happened and the full extent of the damage. 
Meggi, Scourge (the cat) and I are devastated but healthy and together. 
As most of you know Vega is all we have. The pictures are not in order 
since they came from several different people. Please share so this 
reaches all of our friends. If you would like to help - and we really 
need it right now - we have set up this paypal through our old friend 
and shipmate Joanne.

First she was dropped on the starboard side then on the port and completely flooded

Historic vessel Vega sunken

8 February 2019 Historic Vessel Vega Haulout Disaster.


First she was dropped on her prot side then on the starboard and completely flooded.

Historic vessel Vega haul out

8 February 2019 Historic Vessel Vega Haulout Disaster.