Great Vega Adventures review from best selling author Julian Stockwin

What an honor. Best selling author Julian Stockwin posted this comment on The Vega Adventures and our on going humanitarian work. Having been a rabid follower of his highly successful  Kydd series for ages now, these comments meant a lot to me.…/28/bookpick-the-vega-adventures/to-Sing_05

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Coming soon, The Windsong Adventures

Who would have thought discovering an abandoned hull while strolling down a deserted beach in West Africa would lead a heartbroken young lad into one of the best devil may care sea adventures ever. With only $2.38 in his pocket and a whole lot of “I want a boat”, Shane Granger embarked on an impossible dream. Months of hardship and good luck later, that dream became a floating reality. Yet that was only the beginning of the excitement, romance, and rip-roaring adventures.

“Reading The Windsong Adventures I had to occasionally pinch myself as a reminder this is not a Clive Cussler novel, but a true story. I laughed, cried, and more than once felt the hair on the back of my neck stand to attention.”

Click here for a preview of The Windsong Adventures sample Continue reading

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Historic Vessel Vega under sail

Hope you enjoy these images of the Historic vessel Vega under sail. The pictures are from our 2015 delivery voyage when we delivered over 20 tons of educational and medical supplies to remote islands in Eastern Indonesia. If you would like the whole story of what we do and some of our more hair raising adventures check out this link to the book, “The Vega Adventures”. Flores_01


Sailing the Java Sea

Sailing the Java Sea

Sailing the Java Sea

Sailing the Java Sea

Sailing the Java Sea

Sailing the Java Sea







to-Sing_06The Vega Adventures

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About the Author of The Vega Adventures

Shane Granger (1948- his luck runs out) has been in love with the sea since he was seven years old. Having worked as a radio DJ, advertising photographer, boat builder, director of museum ship restoration, and bush pilot, he has always come back to the sea. Shane has sailed thousands of miles solo, most of that on a square-rigged brigantine he salvaged from a beach in West Africa –a vessel he once single handedly sailed across the Atlantic without a functioning rudder.

Historic vessel Vega on anchor

Historic vessel Vega on anchor

Having walked across the Sahara Desert, and been kidnapped by bandits in Afghanistan, his greatest ambition in life is to find a comfortable niche where he can enjoy the healthy benefits of monotony and boredom. He currently lives on an ancient wooden sailing boat with his partner Meggi Macoun and their cat Scourge.

You can learn more about The Vega Adventures by following this link. The Vega Adventures

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Another glowing review for “The Vega Adventures”

The Vega Adventures is a rousing rascallian recount of the incredible journeys of Captain Shane Granger and Meggi on board their fine conveyance, The Vega, a 120+ year old Norwegian sailing vessel. In 2004, Captain Shane and Meggi navigated The Vega to deliver disaster relief supplies desperately needed in the wake of the Great Tsunami. They stayed, continuing their humanitarian mission that donates education and health care supplies to the region’s remotest islands. In between fund-raising, packing and delivering life-giving supplies, Captain Shane kept meticulous track of so many fascinating moments and experiences. In the wee hours of the night, or the first light of dawn, Meggi would find Captain Shane pouring out a new anecdote, capitalizing on his awesome talent for turning a phrase as smartly as he can rig a sail. What makes The Vega Adventures so darn irresistible is its never-a-dull-moment pace and intriguing diversity of content. Whether it’s an intimate look at Norway’s storied history in sailboat building or a heart pounding monsoon of a monsoon encounter, The Vega Adventures is a gourmet feast – literally as well. Captain Shane liberally seasons his tale with insider information about the spice trade and spices of the islands that he and Meggi have navigated to, around and near for many years. At 300 pages, the Vega Adventure never gets tired. Captain Shane accomplishes this challenging feat (in our 30-second attention span world) with fast-flowing vignettes, one after another after another. Another plus for purchasers of The Vega Adventures is that you will be supporting one of the most effective humanitarian missions on earth. I loved this book and I can’t wait to read it (especially the really salty dog parts) to my dear Uncle. While he is now of an age for armchair sailing only, he’ll love every moment, including realism rich enough to put the tangy taste of salt on his lips!

Learn more about “The Vega Adventures” by following this handy link Vega Adventures

Sailing the Java Sea

Sailing the Java Sea

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Read “The Vega Adventures” A rip roaring sea tale and its all true

AT last the 300 page popular book about Vega and her amazing adventures is available from Amazon books at the following link

Early in 1892, one of Norway’s finest boat builders launched a sailing legend. Over a century later Shane Granger and Meggi Macoun were peacefully enjoying a siesta when the great tsunami of 2004 changed their lives forever. With thousands of people desperately in need, they loaded their boat with donated food and medical supplies then set sail for Sumatra.
That voyage marked the beginning of The Vega Adventures: rip-roaring real life sea tale complete with storms, adventures, exotic tropical islands, and heart-rending drama. Come feel the wind, smell the riggers tar, and taste the salt in this tale of a century old wooden sailing boat and her crew of intrepid adventurers as they take up their yearly 7500-mile journey to deliver over 25 tons of educational and medical supplies to some of our world’s most remote island communities.

Cover page for the popular real life adventures of a 122 year old sailing vessel and her volunteer crew.

Cover page for the popular real life adventures of a 122 year old sailing vessel and her volunteer crew.

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122 year old humanitarian sailing vessel needs your help

Historic vessel Vega sorting supplies into midwife kits

We had 100 new and re-supply / up grade kits this year.

122 year old humanitarian sailing vessel needs your help

Every year for the past 10 years the 122 year old Norwegian
built humanitarian vessel Vega has sailed roughly 7,000 sea miles delivering
between 20 and 25 tons of new educational and medical supplies to remote island
communities in Eastern Indonesia and East Timor. For some of those communities
Vega is the only contact they have with the outside world from one year to the
next. Vega’s crew are all volunteers and the supplies they deliver are all
donated by friends and companies who appreciate the direct cost effective way
Vega operates.  

“Directly from the hand of someone who wants to help into
the hand of people who need that help in the form of the tools those people

Mast rot endangers mission

Rot in the Vega’s mast means 2014 Mission of Mercy at risk

need to do their jobs’, is our motto”, says Captain Shane Granger, master of
the Vega.  “We also provide equipment and
supplies as well as re-supply and training every year to roughly 120
traditional midwives”, continues Granger, “our efforts may seem modest and in
many ways they are. But they are also very effective. In one area we serve the
maternal and natal mortality rates have fallen by more than 50%.”

This year serious rot was found in Vega’s aft mast. That
mast must be replaced before the vessel can safely undertake her 2014 deliveries.
Without a replacement mast this years ‘Mission of Mercy’ simply cannot happen”
said Captain Granger, “ It would not be safe for the boat or the crew.” Vega
has found proper mast wood from a friendly masting expert in Holland at a very
modest price and now must raise the funds to pay for the wood and shipping from
Rotterdam to Singapore where the crew will fashion the new mast and then rig
it. “We always do as mush as we can ourselves”, said Granger,” our budgets do
not allow for expensive outside workers, and besides the money we save can best
be employed to buy supplies for the communities we assist.”

In order to find a replacement mast Vega has appealed to
their wide-ranging group of friends for support. There is a donation page at,
and one avid supporter has set up another donation page at Captain
Granger went on to explain, “Somehow we need that wood in Singapore by early
April in order to make the mast and have it ready for our delivery season”

needs help now if they are to make our deliveries next season. For more about
Vega and her humanitarian work visit their website at or simply Google “Humanitarian
vessel Vega” to see what others have to say about them. They also have a
FaceBook page at “Historic vessel Vega” give them a visit and a like to see
more pictures and follow the story first hand.

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